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Aleasha's Balanced Health Solutions


"Big thanks to Aleasha's Balanced Health Solutions. I feel amazing your truly the best at your craft!"

Joe "The Doctor" VeDepo (Professional MMA Fighter)

Aleasha's Balanced Health Solutions is a proud sponsor of

Joe "The Doctor" VeDepo!

"Aleasha is awesome easy to talk to and takes all of my health concerns into account. She has done a good job of making me be less painful and feel great! Thanks a lot! Also I'm also liking the It Works! program I feel more toned and I really feel it helps. Thanks!"

Laurie L.

"Awesome massage therapist"

Jillien H.

"My overall health has improved since seeing Aleasha! I have had many other massages in my life and by far Aleasha is the best! I am able to be more active than before! Hands down absolutely best Massage in town (or out of town for that matter) She CAN'T ever move or I'll be moving too!"

Dawn G.

"On numerous occasions I have turned to Aleasha and her talent, skill and expertise to help alleviate my neck, shoulder and back aches and pains. She is highly professional and cares a great deal about the overall health of her clients. I appreciate greatly that she is experienced in various techniques and approaches to massage. She is able to cater to your personal needs and has several "signature" massages that will leave you feeling relief immediately and quite possibly give long-term relief. Aleasha is great about giving you stretches and other guidelines that really help continue your body's healing process and I can personally attest that her massage and simple stretches that gave me to do have greatly contributed to my own long-term relief from sciatica! Thanks Aleasha for all that you do and offer to us!"

Shana S.

"Aleasha's massages are the "BEST"!! I have had a lot of massages by different therapist and none compare to Aleasha's. I feel she has excellent skill and knowledge in massage therapy. I have always felt better after my sessions with her."

Carol F.

"She is great on smoothing my shoulder/lower back pain through the orthopedic massage."

L. F.

“Aleasha's massages are amazing!"

Deb S.

"Aleasha, is totally committed to helping me be free of pain and have the best range of motion. Not only does she give a fantastic massage, but the exercises/stretches she recommends between massages really make a huge difference in how great I feel. I totally recommend her!"

Kathy S.

"Aleasha is the best. I have been to several massage therapists and there is NOT anyone better than her. She goes above and beyond."

Rhonda H.

"Definitely agree - Aleasha is awesome. I recommend her for anything - especially sports issues."

Catherine P.

"Aleasha has done wonders for my foot after surgery. Try ear candleing! I can't imagine life without massage!"

Dawn G.

"I would go everyday if I could!! Aleasha was awesome and I felt absolutely wonderful by the time I left!!"

Lori N.

"Aleasha gives me the best massages I have ever gotten! I highly recommend her!!"

Vanessa V.